Caasitech Group is a multinational, data-driven company, based in Texas with a current presence in North America, Europe, and Africa. Our mission is to develop African innovations and encourage creativity on the continent to benefit the rest of the world.

[rara_call_to_action title=”” button_text=”Apply Now” button_url=”” target=”_self” button_align=”right”]Caasitech Academy is the Training Division of the Caasitech Group LLC. In addition, Caasitech Academy is registered in Cameroon as a provider of professional training – centre de formation professionelle.[/rara_call_to_action]

[rara_accordian title=”Is Caasitech Academy a school?”]No. Caasitech Academy is not a school in the meaning of the term academy. We do not have instructors; we do not have students. Caasitech academy is the training and recruiting branch of Caasitech Group. We train just the employees we are interested in recruiting. And our roles fluctuate depending on the demands of the company.[/rara_accordian]