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  • We. Add. Value.

    We. Add. Value.

    Welcome to Caasitech Academy. Now you can get a certificate from an internationally recognized university near you. Call Now to find out how we can add value to your career journey.
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  • Leading Innovation

    Leading Innovation

    Caasitech Academy provides tailored programs based on the needs of the regions we operate; Contact us now to learn about our job-ready programs in Manufacturing, IT, Business and Certifications.
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  • New. Digital. Education

    New. Digital. Education

    Welcome to Africa's leading provider of digital education.Our e-learning courses and programs are designed to close the skill gap needed in today's modern workforce and the future.
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Each certificate from Caasitech is internationally recognized
Our Guarantee

Welcome to Our Academy

Africa's future lies in the skills of its citizens. We train and build the modern workforce by teaching them skills (not knowledge) needed to transform their communities through development. Our training is 80% practice and 20% theory. We use the LEARN BY DOING systems to train our students. We have reinvented e-learning and localized how it is deployed by increasing its relevance and by making it feasible for professionals to properly enjoy its benefits through traditional classroom experience. Please apply today to enroll in Caasitech Academy. You'll get;-

A Modern Curriculum

Starting with our modern workforce program, each curriculum at our academy is developed to close current and future skills gap. We focus on skill-based training.

Globally Recognized

Each certificate from Caasitech is awarded from a reputable accredited univeristy. We believe such recognition makes our students globally employable.

Quality Guaranteed

Each program is tailored for the region we deliver courses in, carefully curated and reviewed by employers. There's a changing world coming and we get you ready for it.

Get Job Ready

We support our students before, during and after participating in our courses and career programs. Call now to find out more about our JobReady 2 weeks program after completion.

Develop a passion for learning

Things you should know before you start

Orientation is key. Its never late to change directions, start a new career, update or upgrade your skills. We do not have academic only courses. Majority of our courses are designed for professionals, Students that are about to graduate or enter the job market or professionals who are already on a job.

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