AI Bootcamp

This six-week Bootcamp is designed to equip participants with foundational and advanced skills in artificial intelligence, covering critical thinking, statistics, maching learning, deep learning, machine learning and real-world AI applications.

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Welcome to Caasitech Academy

Caasitech Group's training section is Caasitech Academy. Here, we plan, recruit, and train future Caasitech and African talent. Our objective is to cultivate people that can thrive in the modern workforce (MWF).

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Training Modules

MWF Methodology

The MWF methodology, in its uniqueness, creates and enhances a direct and proportional relationship between the employer and the employee.

Work with Us

Through the Pre-employment Training Program we acquire talent in Africa and prepare them for the modern workforce.

Outreach Programs

Based on our motto, we keep impacting the communities where we operate with these carefully chosen programs that are meant to last.


Please vist this page to learn what is coming up next at Caasitech Academy.

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Work with Us

A preview of our training teams

CSMA - Caasitech Social Media Agency

CSMA - Caasitech Social Media Agency

About CSMA: Members of the CSMA team undergo specialized training in a particular social media channel...

CDEV - Caasitech Development Team

CDEV - Caasitech Development Team

About CDev: A Developer is generally responsible for the development, design and implementation of new...

CUXG - Caasitech User Experience Group

CUXG - Caasitech User Experience Group

About CUXG: The Product designer's role is very vital in businesses today. Also, it is...

CDSc - Caasitech Data Scientists

CDSc - Caasitech Data Scientists

About CDSc: A data scientist is a professional who collects and analyzes large amounts of data using analytical...

Join the Modern Workface (MWF)

Take advantage of the job roles that are highly needed and of interest to millions worldwide.

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