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IT Networking Specialist

Job Summary of an IT Networking Specialist


Businesses are becoming increasingly dependent on technology in order to remain competitive. An IT network is the backbone that connects computers, servers, and other peripheral devices, allowing employees to exchange data. This makes a job as an IT networking specialist even more important today. As an IT Networking Specialist, your work is to ensure constant connectivity in a secure and stable IT environment. Also, an IT Networking Specialist makes sure that employees who rely on the company’s intranet can communicate with one another. Also, the IT Networking Specialist ensures that the company’s website and cloud infrastructure work at all times.


Duties and responsibilities


  • Determining company needs and coordinating the development and maintenance of network infrastructures with the IT team.
  • Ensuring secure and stable server connectivity and testing network protocols.
  • Creating internet domains and optimizing intranet performance.
  • Testing data exchange and communication between computers, routers, modems, and servers.
  • Configuring LAN and WAN routers and all related equipment when new systems needed
  • Setting up desktop computer equipment and installing all network and system software, including operating systems and user software packages for new employees
  • Setting up new users on LAN and/or WAN networks, providing access permissions to approved groups, and configuring security settings for new employees
  • Monitoring server capacity and performance to keep up with demand in online traffic.
  • Running diagnostic tests and performing repairs, as well as developing backup, archiving, and data retrieval procedures.
  • Training junior IT staff, preparing user manuals, and providing remote or onsite technical support.
  • Enhancing network security, as well as documenting network processes and cabling layouts.
  • Analyzing all attempted or successful network security breaches daily to determine breach cause, resolve related issues, and secure the network to prevent future infiltration
  • Keeping informed of developments in network technologies and infrastructure.




  • Natural affinity towards communication and creative thinking (literature, arts, linguistics, music etc)


Minimum required profile


  • At least an A-Level certificate
  • Good understanding of English Language
  • Good at using computing systems to accomplish simple tasks
  • Ready to commit at least 8 hours per work day, 40 hours per work week


Minimum required tools


  • A functional laptop with internet connectivity
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IT Networking Specialist