Duties and responsibilities

A Data Analyst interprets data and turns it into information which can offer ways to improve a business, thus affecting business decisions. Data Analysts gather information from various sources and interpret patterns and trends – as such a Data Analyst job is very analytical. Once data has been gathered and interpreted, the Data Analyst will report back what has been found in a comprehensive study to the wider business/relevant colleagues.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Collecting and interpreting data and analysing results 
  • Reporting the results back to the relevant members of the business 
  • Identifying patterns and trends in data sets 
  • Working alongside teams to establish data needs 
  • Defining new data collection and analysis processes
  • Gathering and evaluating user feedback 
  • Recommending and executing improvements 
  • Creating technical documentation for reference and reporting


  • Natural affinity towards analytical tools (sciences, engineering, mathematics, statistics, economics etc)

Minimum required profile

  • At least an A-Level certificate
  • Good understanding of English Language
  • Good at using computing systems to accomplish simple tasks
  • Ready to commit at least 8 hours per work day, 40 hours per work week

Minimum required tools

  • A functional laptop with internet connectivity

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