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What People Say

“Caasitech has been an eye opener for me, given their methodology of Modern WorkForce, it made me understand that if i had to achieve anything concrete in life, I had to put in extra efforts and time (Growth Mindset)”

~ HERVE NDJAPA , Yaounde, Cameroon

“Caasitech Academy did not only give me a skill, but I was guided with the help of coaches, I found myself and I am discovering my strengths. Today, I am more confident, I am a learner at core, I am flexible and can easily adapt to different environments. I found a new direction which changed my mindset and how I see things. Today, I work with Caasitech Group thanks to the new me formed during my days at the Academy.”

~ JANE-FRANCES TEM, Yaounde, Cameroon

“One thing I can insist on about Caasitech is accepting the reality and being prepared and ready to embrace change. Caasitech is all about patience, commitment and change. When getting into Caasitech, one should remember that “where there is a will there’s a way” and I am proof of this assertion. As I got into the academy with little or no knowledge about programming which was not even the program I intended to take, now I can write lines of codes and make some cash.”

~ MEWOULOU LOIC, Yaounde, Cameroon

“In February, I walked into Caasitech for the very first time and in May, I was hired as a paid intern. Coming in contact with Caasitech changed my life, my mindset and took me from someone who was still wondering, to someone with multiple skills and a clear career path.”

~ NISSI FON, Yaounde, Cameroon

“The specialization I took blew my mind. Each program is interesting, fun and motivational with Caasitech. What I learned gave me the tools I needed to propel my career and research work into a new direction which encouraged me to continue learning. Today my skills make me stand out from the crowd.”

~ NKAMGAN STANIS, Yaounde, Cameroon

“Before I came to Caasitech, I was lost and confused. I wanted to be a software developer. I got introduced to Caasitech by a friend. Caasitech opened my mind to see infinite possibilities. Within 4 months of learning programming the results were outstanding. The difference was literally night and day.”

~ CASPA CLINTON, Yaounde, Cameroon

“Ohh!!! Caasitech Academy has been a really great deal for me. When I first got into Caasitech, I was only 19. As a young woman, I had no idea what I really wanted to do. However, with the Modern Workforce level 1, I was given the necessary tools to transform myself and create a new direction for my life. Today, I am working with Caasitech Group as a Developer (Intern) as well as partaking in Digital Marketing projects. This is less than 6 months since I came here as a newbie. With Caasitech Group, I believe my life can only get better as I have more tools to face the challenges both at work and in life. My advice, apply today, get trained and start earning before you know it.”

~ MELANIE NAYAH, Yaounde, Cameroon