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Caasitech Code Camp

kidscode06 There's a gap in the technology industry for black people everywhere. We created this program to help close that gap, especially in Africa. This camp is opened to African kids all over the world. We introduce them to basic computer science concepts and focus on coding. We have also added modules that will help these kids get excited about a career or interest in technology. Our support for women empowerment in Africa continues in this workshop, every girl child that meets the age range can participate for FREE. There is a minimal charge for the boys. Please register your kid today and we will schedule a call or send you details about the program. To participate, every kid should have a laptop or tablet with an internet connection because the workshop is ONLINE. Please share amongst your networks and help build our own African tech leaders of tomorrow.

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Workshop Details



Please allocate time for kids to be available over 5 weeks



Kids study every week but will meet online on these days



This year, CCC is online only



Please check your timzones to prepare your kids for the sessions



Please share the flyer and page to a parent

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whatsapp +237 655 528 069


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