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Welcome to the future, a revolution in education.

Select a MWF Skill Program

At this point, our MWF Learners must have completed level 1 and ready to select a chosen skill and adopt mastery.


At Caasitech we want to use our programming option to orientate our learners towards a technology producer route.

Database Management

 We strive to be more on the DBMS path but teaching the learner valuable skills to adopt understanding on any database platform.

Data Science

Data Science is a multidisciplinary program. Learners must go through 3 sets of skills programs and with our best efforts may need more years to practice.

Virtual Reality

Our program lays the foundation to insert VR technologies into African type solutions and use them to bring a new user experience.


Organizations must have a structured way to deliver announcements, respond to crises, and promote themselves in the public sphere.

Sales Leadership

To stay profitable in business, companies must make sales, even in nonprofit organizations selling the idea or project is a skill to adopt and perfect.

Business Analysis

The role of the business analyst will only increase in the future. Our goal is to provide an updated curriculum loaded with modern tools.

Customer Service

We focus on the foundation and human interaction skills customer service agents should have to sustain their service delivery.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Modern-day business owners must take advantage of the tools available to them to build a great product or service and scale it to reach their customers.

Change Management

 In a constantly changing environment preparing for change and managing people is a business need that training is essentials.

Design Thinking (UI/UX)

Design Thinking program introduces a new way to solve problems where there is no data or if you touch one issue it creates another issue.


You can easily run your company using Google as a collaboration platform and mores. Learning how to use Google skills can be crucial for success.

Our Approach is Unique

We have developed and pioneered tools and methodologies to transform theoretical knowledge into practical knowledge. Some of them includes;

01 Data-Driven Learning

This method ensures we maintain a key difference between learners and students. We use data to ensure our learners meet their objectives in a transformative assessment approach.

02 Aftermath Talks

There is great power in sharing what one has learned. When designed in a productive setting, retention and skills adoption exponentially increases. We are so proud of our measured results with this tool.

03 Be a Teacher

The best way to demonstrate the understanding and adoption of a skill training is by teaching others. In a controlled environment and right metrics, we can best evaluate the success of our skills program with this method.

Our Testimonials

Being able to do something is better than knowing about it. With Caasitech, I have been able to achieve better results at work and my team is more solid and coherent than it has ever been. I have grown in my leadership potentials and intend to use some of the techniques learned in the lab to help my team members improve themselves too.

The experience I had was having a greater vision that is changing my fixed mind thinking to a growth mind one and desire to develop the skills I get by working and encouraging those who are not aware of this program to gain consciousness of the great opportunity they are passing by.

I will always recommend Caasitech Academy to everyone to come and obtain great and non-regrettable skills as I am already applying what I learned here to improve on my web Designing business, All thanks to Caasitech Academy.

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