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Online Certification Programs

We have partnered with international certification bodies to prepare and allow our learners take certification exams that will give them a standardized recognition in the workplace, across business and technology careers. Our online certification preparation programs are comprehensive in their approach, as is the Caasitech way, we have included techniques to help the learner plan and study effectively beyond just passing the exams. Follow our three-step approach below to become a Caasitech Certification Prep Learner:



First, please remember that you are registering with us to get you ready for the exam. Registering for the exam itself is an external process that is out of our jurisdiction. However, we offer the information and the support you need to do so. You register with us by filling out the application form and getting approval from us through the interview process. If you’re approved, you get enrolled. We have a 97% guarantee that you will pass your chosen exam.



Our Preparation Strategies include the following;

  • Online Coaching
  • Personalized Learning Plans
  • Caasi Lab Groups
  • Community Learning
  • Past Exams Simulation
  • Exam Techniques Workshops
  • References Materials Integration



Our Yaoundé location is currently an Authorized Testing Center for most of the exams. This is where you will come to take your exam. Note: We conduct preparation workshops in Yaoundé and Douala. For all other exams, you can conveniently take online in our labs or in your premises.


Program Contacts

For more inquiries, please send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Talk to us

whatsapp +237 655 528 069


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