Phase 4: Integration

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Phase 4: Integration

In Phase 4: Integration, we simply prepare you for your eventual integration into the Workforce as a Beginner Specialist.  At this point, the recruit is ready and has gone through a change. Proper steps must be taken to integrate them with their newfound beginner skills into the workforce. For the recruitment program, the recruit is ready to start as an intern. Caasitech requires all interns and employees to be certified in their domain, hence the recruit is prep for a certification exam then given a paid internship offer.

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Certification Prep

Certification Exam


The Context:

Traditional education is dead and should change. The majority of school systems and educational institutions today were designed based on the expectations of the Industrial Revolution. It is therefore natural to expect a redesign in an era that data technologies are more prevalent – The Digital Economy.


Why It Matters:


Once upon a time, it did not matter if you were upskilling or not. Back then, you graduated as a PR Specialist and most likely died as a PR Executive or Manager. Jobs were stable, progression was predictable and the corporate hierarchy was a slow-moving machine. Not so much nowadays. Today, we have a world that is in constant flux. New careers appear from nowhere and become the buzzword in less than 10 years, only to be eclipsed by newer careers. Amidst all these changes, the issue of unemployment and underemployment is still rife in Cameroon and most of Africa.


There are very few opportunities like what we offer. With our MWF Methodology and On-The-Job Training Model, we are creating a talent base for a future that is future-proof. Most importantly, those who are accepted into this cohort will start earning in less than 1 year of committing to their TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT.

Application Process

Are you interested in applying to be trained and work with Caasitech Group? And you will want to know how it goes so you are fully prepared? If that’s the case, then you are at the right place. Our next intake is in November 2021. We start on November 1, 2021. To be part of this Cohort, you are expected to follow this application process.


Please start by visiting our website caasitechacademy or training center in Yaounde to learn about the program and all its offerings.


You can apply directly through this website by clicking on the button  or in person at our training center in Yaounde.

Attend Interview

You will be invited for an interview if you are pre-selected. Always make sure to check your email or texts for a message from us.

Register and Sign

If you are one of the Chosen after the Interview, you will be expected to pay the Registration Fees, Read and Sign the Agreement.

Present Documents

Once you are registered, you will be asked to present some documents for your Employee File to be opened.

Learn and Work

As a Member of Caasitech Group, your main job is to commit to your learning while working on projects.