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The Caasitech Academy Recruitment Program is our innovative approach to acquire talent in Africa and prepare them for the modern workforce. In its first year, our goal is to transform recruits into specialists for selected career roles. If you already have work experience our Foundation Phase will be mandatory.

What is the Modern Workforce (MWF) Methodology?

The Modern Workforce (MWF) Methodology is a way of thinking, sets of techniques, philosophy or concepts, and related tools developed by Caasitech Group that enables an organization to effectively manage the way their people think, feel, and perform at work.


Currently, in the Academy Divsion, the MWF Methodology is used by Caasitech Group to fast track the training and development of its business and technology professionals – from Specialists to Managers and Executives.

MWF Training Framework

A proprietary training framework based on the MWF methodology by Caasitech

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Results Delivered:

Since 2019, when Caasitech Academy first opened its doors to the Cameroonian public, more than 50 young Cameroonians of both genders have had the opportunity to go through at least one of our training programmes.


Why it matters:


Once upon a time, it did not matter if you upskilled or not. Then, you graduated as a PR Specialist and most likely died as a PR Executive or Manager. Jobs were stable, progression was predictable and the corporate heirarchy was a slow moving machine. Not so much nowadays. Today, we have a world that is in constant flux. New careers appear from nowhere and become the buzzword in less than 10 years, only to be eclipsed by newer careers. Amidst all these changes, the issue of unemployment and underemployment is still rife in Cameroon and most of Africa.


There are very few opportunities like what we offer. With our MWF Methodology and On-The-Job Training Model, we are creating a talent base for a future that is future-proof. Most importantly, those who are accepted into this cohort will start earning in less than 1 year of committing to their TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT.

Work With Us

Data Analyst

A Data Analyst interprets data and turns it into information which can offer ways to improve a business, thus affecting business decisions.

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A Developer is generally responsible for the development, design and implementation of new or modified software products.

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Communications Specialist

As Communications specialists your job is to help the company by managing all internal and external communication of the company.

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Work With Us Graphics-UIUX-Designer
Graphics UI/UX Designer

As a Graphics/IU/UX Designer, your work involves promoting the brand, values, products and services of the company through a variety

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IT Networking Specialist

An IT Networking Specialist works to ensure constant connectivity in a secure and stable IT environment. The IT Networking Specialist makes

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