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All MWF Learners will be awarded on-the-job experience
Our Guarantee

Welcome to Africa's Education Revolution

Africa's future lies in the skills of its citizens. Our aim is to provide Africa's modern workforce with relevant skills by training them on the tools and techniques needed to demonstrate their knowledge. At Caasitech, we have reinvented e-learning and localized how it is deployed by targeting key metrics and making it feasible for learners to enjoy its benefits. Please apply today to enroll in Caasitech Academy. You'll get:

A Modern Curriculum

We have developed a robust, proprietary, 3 tier skills development program called the Modern Workforce Program (MWF™). It's targeted to close the skills gaps identified in the regions we serve blended with a sustainable strategy to propel our learners beyond our labs.

Globally Recognized

We have adopted the same standard of skills accreditation utilize by Fortune 500 companies. We award a verifiable, globally recognized digital badge from credly.com. Our learners can use their skills and show proof anywhere in the world.

Quality Guaranteed

Each program is tailored for the region we deliver courses in, carefully curated and reviewed by employers and business owners in the region. We pride our quality of delivery on our results: we attained a 79% success rate with our inaugural batch of 2019, in Cameroon. This included job promotions, new job offers, starting a business, or non-profit.

Get JobReady

We guide our learners before, during and after participation in our skills programs. Our MWF Level 3 program exposes our learners to opportunities that can help them demonstrate their learned skills in the real world. From job promotions, starting a business, or simple exposures, our success rate speaks for itself.




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