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Graphics/UI/UX Design with the Modern Workforce

Just like everything else in technology and business, the domain of design is rapidly evolving. In the not too distant past, design specialists were just called graphic or web designers, and much later they were known as visual/product designers. Now, in the modern world, we hear of UI/UX designers.


These constant changes in the workforce is what brought about the concept of the Modern Workforce Methodology by the CEO of Caasitech Group of companies, Hilary Aben. There is a constant and rapid change taking place in our world today and we have to be ready to change with these changes.


Who is a Graphics/UI/UX designer?


Before getting into a field, one needs to understand everything that comes with the title. A graphic/web designer is someone who uses digital tools and elements like typography, colours and images to create a visual display that conveys a message to an audience. Now when we talk about UI/UX, we are referring to the feeling, emotion and experience a user has when interacting with the product or design.


User Interface (UI)


Refers to the look and feel of the product and how a user interacts with said product. This includes imagery, typography and everything the user sees and how it appeals to them.


User Experience (UX)


Refers to the user’s journey from start to finish. It has a lot to do with how user friendly the product is and how it helps the user achieve their goals. This is more of a foundation and has a lot to do with empathy, data and research. To be able to make a product suitable for an audience, the designer needs to immerse himself in the experience of the user.


The conventional progression is from graphics to UI to UX. Graphics design skills provide the foundation for UI design to be built on, and UI provides a firm base on which UX design is built on.


The role of the MWF in your training


As mentioned on the MWF Methodology page, the MWF can be seen as a philosophy endangering a paradigm shift that enables you to adapt to the changing future of work by giving you skills that will always be relevant. As job descriptions evolve, you evolve with them as well. It permits you to change with change. The MWF is holistic in ways that enable you to acquire multiple skills in one. When learning Graphics/UI/UX design, you equally need communication and creative thinking skills, which you get introduced to during your training and work. Most training these days neglect the human touch and side of things but with Caasitech Group, you get human skills that will make you stand out from the competition in the job market.


The MWF Methodology and your Career Journey


Your career journey in Caasitech is built to ensure that you get the most out of the MWF Methodology. From a change in mindset (from a student to a learner) to discovering who you are, to acquiring your desired skills and becoming a confident person with a clear career path. This framework has four phases; Foundation, Core, Polishing and Integration.


MWF Methodology


As a graphics/UI/UX designer, you discover who you are in the foundational phase. You equally acquire communication skills which most people may not know is critical in design. We use communication skills in design because it requires knowing what the right message is for the right kind of audience and how to convey this in a proper visual format and through the right media.


Throughout this journey, and after understanding the importance of the learning mindset, you get to acquire skills and practice on life projects for the company. You get to grow not just as a designer but as a person as well.