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  • A New Lab
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    A New Lab

    The lab plays a major role in learning; it provides the learner the ability to explore freely.

    We have designed our labs to meet the basic requirements to properly learn a skill. Lab start in February.

  • Discover your talent
    Bring your ideas to life

    Discover your talent

    The key is in the diagnosis; identfy the skill you want to build.

    If you want to actually build a new skill, you need persistence and commitment. The rest we can develop together.

  • How to apply?
    Be there. Be seen.

    How to apply?

    We created this whole thing because of you; so be assured.

    The admission process is designed to help you identify the right skill that will not only satify your career needs for today and the future's.

  • Closing the gap
    Global Recognition

    Closing the gap

    Degrees and diplomas are great but there's still a continental skill gap.

    We have reinvented digital education to accommodate the learning gaps in education across Africa. We are local with a global mindset.


Our goal is to teach each of our learners a skill in at least a year. To gain admission into Caasitech Academy you must fully complete the three-step process; application, registration, and enrollment.

APPLY: Simply complete the application form. We'll review your submission and send a response.

REGISTER: If your application was deemed successful after review, you will receive an ADMISSION LETTER.

ENROLL: Upon confirmation of your registration, you will be enrolled into our Level 1 Modern Workforce Program (MWF) program to start labs.

All applicants must be admitted to completing the full program, not a particular level. Our program is structured to satisfy learners regardless of their current engagements. Professionals, students, unemployed, business owners, executives, and parents can all get admitted to Caasitech to learn a relevant skill today. We have conducted extensive research on skill development and relevance, particularly in the region of which we operate. Our programs were designed flexible because we are not here to replace the knowledge areas of learning and degree acquisition, but to add value to them. Most skills can be learned and there’s a science behind that - a science we can testify to have perfected in Africa. Thank you for considering Caasitech Academy.

Please follow the table below to complete a program at Caasitech Academy. Details of level 2 are explained on our programs page

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Our modern workforce program (MWF) is designed to prepare professionals for future workforce skills. In a machine future, the most important element to sustain skills is the people skills, the soft skills, we have the 4Cs and more. The MWF program simply trains the learners on soft skills and orientates them on future hard skills they can use to gain employment, start a business or just personal development. Our argument is, learning and discovering WHO YOU ARE, makes it easier to know the skills you will need to acquire; Being happy with what you do is more important to us.

The MWF program was derived on the notion that companies, businesses, and the world as a whole will be driven towards a digital transformation future. At Caasitech we believe that the future is now, and there's a huge gap in the skills needed to satisfy the modern workforce. We encouraged all our students to complete the modern workforce program before they start their desired skill track.

Future. Workforce. Concept.


The workforce of the future will need new business skills to drive profits in a tech driven world.


Leaders of the future will need to understand the changes presented in fast driven innovative workplace.


Data has transformed the way technology is adopted by new software and hardware systems.

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