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What they Say

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    Data Analyst

    Caasitech is the change we need in Cameroon and Africa as a whole. The experience helped me discovered things I never thought I could do. I had always had thoughts of having a business but didn't know where to start. Caasitech has given me a way forward from the planning to execution and more. Also, the impact of my Caasitech experience is already felt at my job site that is presently undergoing a great change and I plan to use tools such as RACI Matrix, Empathy map, PESTEL, SCAMPER, etc to evaluate and improve our activities.

    Nwa Marilyn

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    Business Owner

    I will always recommend Caasitech Academy to everyone to come and obtain great and non-regrettable skills as I am already applying what I learned here to improve on my web Designing business, All thanks to Caasitech Academy.

    Tata Kinga

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    Business Analyst

    When coming to Caasitech, come with an open mind ready to learn new things and you’ll enjoy the learning process

    Brenda Stephany

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    Being able to do something is better than knowing about it. With Cassitech, I have been able to achieve better results at work and my team is more solid and coherent than it has ever been. I have definitely grown in my leadership potentials and intend to use some of the techniques learned in the lab to help my team members improve themselves too.

    Benson Bawak

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    Customer Service

    The experience I had was having a greater vision that is changing my fixed mind thinking to a growth mind one and also desire to develop the skills I get by working and encouraging those who are not aware of this program to gain consciousness of the great opportunity they are passing by.
    Neba Lucy

Our Message for Different Types of Learners

University Student

Our labs are designed to fit your schedule and add value to the degree program, HND program or vocational training program you are already enrolled in. You will need a skill to land a good job or forced to learn one after school. Don't just save time, join Caasitech while your brain is in learning mode.


Do you need that promotion at work? Do you know why there are certain workers that cannot be touched or treated unfairly easy? That's because they have the skill required to keep operations running. We will help you to find your niche, maybe it's a particular tool like RACI Matrix that will make the difference or your ability to lead your organization during a change; merger with a new company, adopting new software or application or creating a new department.

Business Owner

As a business owner, there are several tools you can use to take your business to the next level or even to acquire customers. What about your team? You may want them to learn new skills to improve productivity and reduce mistakes. The business world is becoming very competitive and globalized, underskilled business owners and the team will definitely go out of business. Look at our programs and set an appointment to talk with us and we will help you discover the particular needs your businesses may have and how to go about them. See our MWF PROGRAM.

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