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Top 5 Reasons to Join Caasitech Academy

5 Reasons to Enroll in Caasitech Academy

5 Reasons to Enroll in Caasitech Academy

Global Recognition

Our certificates are awarded from reputable international educational institutes. These educational institutions curate and develop the curriculum for each program with allowance for localization by Caasitech.

Skill Development

We focus on building competencies in the skills needed for the 21st century workforce. A degree or diploma gives you knowledge based competency primarily, but the ability to perform a task as an employee or business owner, is a skill most professionals learn on the job. We bridge this gap by designing our programs to develop these job-ready and business owner-ready skills.

Learn by Doing

To properly learn a skill, you must put it in practice repeatedly. Each program at Caasitech is accompanied by practical work and exercises that simulate real world cases. These exercises and lab works are developed from several years of research and with real world success stories.

Classroom Experience

E-learning adoption is low because of the lack of completion rate from individual learning. Our proprietary delivery of e-Learning courses in a classroom environment helps in the quality of our training, improves participation and understanding, and ultimately the completion of the programs.

Modern Workforce Readiness

Our curriculum prepares you for today’s workforce and introduce you to future career and business opportunities. We use job data in the region to build our programs. We also partner with the employers, startups and large businesses to guarantee that our programs align to their current and future needs. We conduct workshops to prepare graduates of our programs for the job market or to start a business.


CITEC-HITM partners with Caasitech Academy to offer International Certifications for professional students in Cameroon


CITEC-HITM partners with Caasitech Academy to offer International Certifications for professional students in Cameroon

Modern Workforce Program, launching this fall, to supplement professionals with degrees and diplomas



Jul 26, 2019, 09:18 WAT

Yaoundé, July 26, 2019 / -- CITEC-HITM, the leading Cameroonian bilingual center for Information Technology and Consultancy, and Caasitech Academy, a subsidiary of Caasitech Group, LLC, a newly established leader in digital education offering on-demand skills training, will launch a skills-focused training program starting this Fall in Cameroon to provide students with a modern learning experience of globally-recognized courses used by Fortune 500 companies designed for corporate skills training. 

The programs will be available to students of CITEC-HITM as a part of the institute’s International Certification Program and open to any professional looking to acquire modern workforce skills and certifications. To participate, students must apply to Caasitech Academy and complete an interview. Upon acceptance, students will be registered as CITEC students and then enrolled in their selected Caasitech Academy program. All students must complete the Modern Workforce program, designed to equip students with in-demand soft skills and essential Business, Management, Leadership, and Technology know-how relevant to jobseekers and entrepreneurs alike. Through this partnership, our students will have access to tutoring, monthly seminars and a detailed prep for their next career move. The Caasitech Academy partnership is the newest offering being made available to students by CITEC-HITM in their international certifications department. CITEC-HITM strives to keep enhancing their student’s learning experience and innovate its delivery of quality education.

"We believe that all students are capable of high levels of achievement, given the right tools and resources," said Marvin Amin, General Manager of CITEC-HITM. "Through this partnership, we'll be exploring how to get students the skills they need in this modern time, – and use it to evaluate how we can better serve millions of students in the future."

Before the partnership, Caasitech Academy was established to deliver corporate style, skills-based training, geared to close some of the competency gaps experienced in Cameroon and across Africa. Their approach is innovative and through a blended learning experience that converts e-learning material into classroom settings with hands-on exercises and workshops, program graduates receive international certifications.

"In today's world, it's easy to go online and learn something, but that doesn't support the overall learning experience," said Caasitech Academy's Managing Director, Hilaire Aben. "Sustainable skills development cannot just be virtual and cannot be achieved only through quizzes and assessments. We need hands-on exercises – a sustainable learn by doing type of approach."

Aben also praised the union, saying, "We decided to partner with CITEC-HITM because of their exceptional reputation, their commitment to quality in higher education, and our mutual desire to reduce the skills gap that exists across the continent. Our team is looking forward to working with CITEC-HITM to help even more students achieve long-term success."

CITEC-HITM is a one-stop center for excellent training leading to one-year Diploma and Higher Diploma courses in IT and Management approved by the Ministry in charge of Employment and Vocational Training and the two-year Higher National Diploma (HND). Headquartered in Yaoundé, CITEC-HITM is also affiliated with the University of Bamenda. Visit us at citechitm.com or find us on Facebook or Twitter.

About Caasitech Academy
Africa's leading provider of hybrid education. Our e-learning courses and programs are designed to close the skills gap needed in today's modern workforce and the future. Students learn via advanced online platforms, combined with interactive classroom sessions which are populated with workshops, learn-by-doing exercises, and group projects. To learn more about Caasitech Academy, visit www.caasitechacademy.com

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