About Us:

Caasitech Academy is the Training Division of the Caasitech Group LLC. Caasitech Academy is registered in Cameroon as a provider of professional training – centre de formation professionelle.


Caasitech Group is a global, data-driven company, headquartered in Texas with a current presence in North America, Europe, and Africa. We use technology to improve people’s lives, business services and drive innovation locally.

Work With Us
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“My parents finished their careers as teachers. I always wanted to be part of the African education revolution. This is the effort to make that dream a reality. Welcome to our lab.”

~Hilary Aben, CEO

Mission, Vision, Values:

At Caasitech Group, Our Vision is to lead in the deployment of technology-driven solutions for organizations’ workforce, developed by Africans, for Africa, and the world. This stems from a background whereby for the past centuries Africa has been a net importer of technology and business solutions.


Our Mission is we are about impact. The difference will be in our implementation. We strive to deliver impact first, prioritizing impact drives our implementation and revenue generation strategies.


Our Values are People First, Innovation, and Integrity.


  • People First: Caring for our people is primary to our culture and our service delivery approach.
  • Innovation: We prioritized new ideas and invest in an environment where innovation is constant.
  • Integrity: Our efforts are authentic, transparent, honest, and reliable. No shortcuts or excuses.

Frequenty Asked Questions

Is Caasitech Academy a SCHOOL?

No. Caasitech Academy is not a school in the sense of the word. We do not have teachers, we do not have students. Caasitech Academy is the training and recruitment arm of Caasitech Group LLC. We train only the staff we are interested in hiring. And, our ROLES change based on the needs of the company.